Tuesday, June 12, 2018

12:15 AM - SMOKE

Nakakapikon, ilang beses ko na tinry i-apply yang maging google partner para may ads ang blog ko. But noooo, ekis. Ayaw. Edi wag. Andamot mo google. Haha. Kelangan ko lang i-share tong sinulat ko below bago ko burahin sa notes ko sa phone. Yun lang. Kthanxbye. - nyabs

I edited this line fifty five times
In the hopes to hide what I feel inside

Break me to a mosaic of my bluest tears

This should be a happy experience
Of course, I'd cry every time, always
You can't have happy things, maybe
And with clarity, you suddenly realize
Whispering away feelings to smoke
Amplifies a certain level of loneliness

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