Friday, November 24, 2017

10:19 AM - Untitled III

Dapat talaga magboblog ako ng random stuff e kaso nasa writing zone ako bilang nasa dark side of the brain ako kamakailan lang. Promise last na to. Pero promises are meant to be broken. Joke lang.

Two finger spaces
From the lower part of your sternum
You should find a space there

One quick swing
Up and down
No hesitation

Do not forget to breathe
Do not forget to write a letter

One quick swing
Up then down
No hesitation

Do not forget to close your eyes
Do not forget her face

You should find a space there
Fill it with tears
Fill it with blood

Do not hesitate.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

11:51 PM - Untiltled II

and when the last part of the messages comes in
i watched the blinking cursor for a whole minute
pulsating like morse code of whispers

and when the time changed to the next minute
i imagined you waiting at the other end
waiting for the time to change too

and at the 5th minute, i finally broke my count
i felt a wave of loneliness and anger turned to hurt
closing my eyes as my screen finally faded to black

2:19 AM - WISH

I had three occasions last week Where I could wish for things I would always wish for you Always Fucking always Threw a coin Under a b...